Great ideas usually need teamwork to grow from a thought to a thing. Let us help you bring that dream to fruition using our experienced, creative eye. We'll listen to how you see your idea beginning, think about it carefully, and work with you to make that dream a reality.


PROJECT PHOENIX can help you make key decisions as to what the most effective plans of action will be in order to position your business as a leader in its field. We'll work closely with you to decide on targeted factors such as identity branding, site interface and usability design, customer preferences, selection of most appropriate technologies and more. Our extensive work with ePropertyTax won us Forbes Magazine's coveted "Best of the Web" award—an acknowledgment we're very grateful for.

Project Phoenix always tries to use their time wisely on our behalf and makes an effort to think about our needs.

Deborah Chadbourne, UPODS


There are a few common principles we abide by for every project we embrace that give our finished work an excellent "wow" factor:

  • Visual Impact:  The look-and-feel of the site will artistically reflect your company's vision and identity. We can spice up your project with 3D imagery and motion graphics that make the user experience more interesting.
  • Usability:  Your site will function as well as it looks. Navigation will be crystal clear and pages will be organized in a way that'll support your message.
  • Interactivity:  We can add dynamic content that stimulates your viewers. Database-driven applications that are self-manageable will make your life dramatically easier when it comes to adding new products, editing news articles, storing customer profiles, communicating directly with your viewers, etc.
  • Expansion:  Our projects are built with significant growth in mind. When the time comes to add new features or chapters to your site, your focus will be on how to implement them instead of if they can be implemented.

Whether it's your first site, or if you’re unsure as to how to launch your newest product online, we’ve got the expertise to create a strategy that fits your needs.

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